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Hello! I'm Elina Pitkäkangas, a 27-year-old author of the urban fantasy trilogy Surrounded (Kuura in Finnish). I am a book and lifestyle blogger whose followers have been able to follow my journey to an acclaimed debut novelist from the start. In my novels I like to explore contemporary global issues in a fresh voice that resonates with millennial audience. I live in Helsinki, Finland. 

The Surrounded trilogy is represented by Kaiken Entertainment.  If you'd like to contact me,  please do so by emailing me: elina.pitkakangas(at)

"When her brother is severely injured, Inka is forced to breach the wall built to protect her small village from a deadly virus. Her actions shatter the village’s established power structures as its inhabitants struggle to resist the strangers locked outside. A dark, but modern take on the classic werewolf tale where the greatest threat could be the beast within ourselves... 

Best friends Inka and Aaron live in a close-knit village next to the deep woods. The village is surrounded by a wall built to protect its inhabitants from a dangerous virus. But are there still infected beasts that roam the outside or is it just folklore? When Inka’s brother suffers a serious accident, she is forced to seek help from outside the wall. Her actions unveil the village’s long buried secrets and introduce them to a strange but intriguing girl who is not all that she seems. As the power structures start to shatter, Inka and Aaron find themselves in an insecure world governed by fear. 

How can you follow orders and your heart at the same time?"

Materials available: 
- Book 1 Frostbite (English reading sample, Finnish edition) 
- Book 2 Waging War (Synopsis, Finnish edition) 
- Book 3 The Hunting Season (Synopsis) 
Ages: 14+ | Genre: Fantasy | Original publisher: Myllylahti Publishing | Original language: Finnish

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